Justine - Drums
Justine learnt drums in 1987 after her bass-playing best friend and guitar-playing boyfriend pointed
at her and said ‘you’re on drums!’. Picking it up quickly, she played around Sydney’s inner west with
garage bands Space Cadets and Cones of Silence and later Bloodnuts (highlight - supporting Painters
and Dockers at the Kardomah Café at Kings Cross in 1989). She also played with indie band Even as
We Speak and the Nick Johns Band (later Daisycutter).She joined the Generators in 2008, becoming
known for setting up powerful grooves.
Peter - Bass
Michael - Guitar
It was his love of Creedence and Chuck Berry that made Michael first pick up rock guitar, starting in a garage band in 1969. Like Bon Scott, he also mucked around in a folk band for a year or two then discovered 12-
string guitar and therefore did nothing for the next 10 years. Pulling his guitar out from under the
bed in 2002, he had a crack at Weekend Warriors, starting him off on playing with Cop This!, Looking
for Headlines, My Generation and the Get Wasted Band. In 2006 he formed The Generators, and has
been cranking out fun, powerhouse pub rock around western Sydney ever since.
Peter also started his rock career at Weekend Warriors in 2002, wielding the bass for Roadkill, which
became the showcase band for the Weekend Warriors (highlight appearing on Sunrise on Channel 7
at the Warrior program’s launch in Melbourne at Federation Square, and in Brisbane at the
Mansfield Tavern). Later changing the band’s name to Revival, they were a mainstay at Springwood’s
Royal Hotel for some years. He joined the Nick Johns Band (later Daisycutter) in 2008, playing all
over country NSW. Occasionally filling in with the Generators, he loved it so much he vowed to join
them someday. He became our mean subterranean groovemeister in late 2020.
Jacquie’s high energy stage presence comes from her background in dance, acting and singing.
Hitting the stage at the age of 10 while studying at Sandra Fleeton Academy of Dance, she travelled
all over Australia in various shows. She shimmied onto the cabaret circuit at 15 and by 18 realised
rock was her passion. She has fronted many bands including Wildfire, Talk Dirty and more recently,
Gravity and duo Crossroad. A rock chick to the bone, she is thrilled to electrify punters as she brings
rock anthems to life with the Generators.
Jacquie - Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Always trying to dissolve into the darkest corner of the stage, Pete (Papa Smurf) says he is just a
humble rhythm guitarist - with much to be humble about. He had a hectic schedule in the 80s in
punk rock bands, gigging often every night at  various venues. After that he started and ran River Music at Windsor for 20 years as well as his own guitar amp brand, ReynoldsValveart. Pete joined the Generators in early 2022, adding not only fat chunka chunkas but the other
half of the Gens’ comedy duo, the two Petes (to the point where we have to tell them to put their
hands on their heads at rehearsal).