Justine learnt drums in 1987 after her guitarist boyfriend and bassplayer best friend wanted to form a band. She took to it like a duck to water and played in originals bands The Bloodnuts and Even as we Speak around the inner west. Selling her kit to pay for a plane ticket to Europe in 1990, she didn't get another kit until the day before Kevin Rudd took power. Getting lessons this time, she beavered away for six months on drum score until one day her drum teacher said "are you in a band yet?". She answered an ad in that week's Drum Media - her first audition - and became a Generator in 2008, and later that year, the Nick Johns Band - which later became Daisycutter. Justine played exclusively for the Generators soon after.
Played in a no-name school garage band 1969-1970. Mucked around in a folk trio for a year or two afterwards. Discovered the 12-string guitar and therefore did nothing for the next 10 years. Found the major and minor Pentatonic scales one night in 1982, after going down to the Crossroads (a pub near Liverpool, NSW, Oz). Learnt a few Chuck Berry riffs and has survived on them ever since. Michael is an original member of the Generators, which formed out of a Weekend Warriors band in 2002. Michael has also played with Cop This!, Looking for Headlines, My Generation and The Get Wasted Band. Other than this, no-one at all well known, but he has played "Marseilles" with someone who has played it with Doc Neeson, and "Johnny B Goode" with someone who has played it with Chuck Berry. One of his amplifiers once went on tour to Bazil.
Pete Glover kickstarted his bass in 2002 through Weekend Warriors. Warriors led to Roadkill. Roadkill became the showcase band for Weekend Warriors, appearing on Sunrise Channel 7 at the Weekend Warriors launch, Federation Square in Melbourne and in Queensland at one of Brisbane’s most iconic venues, the Mansfield Tavern. Roadkill changed their name to Revival and enjoyed popularity Sydney wide. In 2008 Pete joined Daisycutter, playing a fusion of classic rock, pop and soul all over country NSW. Pete occasionally filled in for the Generators and loved it so much, vowed to join them someday. That chance arose in Oct 2020. Pete is now in a happy place as a Generator.

Mel began her singing career in Year 7 student in the NSW All Schools Choir performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Opera House, televised by ABC TV. Mel was classically trained in her 30s and dived into the live band scene, firstly fronting pop/rock covers band Over the Edge for over 10 years. She went on to front other well-regarded covers bands Daisycutter, iLL Prepared and Salty Chips. Guest appearances were often offered to her in bands including The Headliners, Down Thunder and The Generators. Highlights have included performing at the annual Big Red Bash in Birdsville and Tumberfest in Tumbarumba. She is now a full-time Generator.
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